2020 in the Eyes of Clay Simpson

  •  What words come to mind when you think of the year 2020?

Accept and adapt

  •  What have been your greatest successes this year?

Considering the circumstances, being able to PR in 3 big events like the 5k, 10k and half marathon allows me to look back at this year as a huge confidence booster.

  •  What have been your biggest challenges this year?

I was incredibly motivated to run my first full marathon in May, and when that got cancelled with no races for the foreseeable future, the motivation to stay on top of steady mileage was tough.

  •  During a year where racing has taken a back seat, talk about what running has looked like for you over the last several months.

I feel super blessed and thankful at how safely and professionally the Good Life Halfsy was put on this year. That was a big training block of something to actually race in and look forward to, which made putting in the workouts and mileage much easier toward the end of the summer and fall.

  • Have you been doing primarily solo running or have you been able to meet up with people?

Lots of early morning solo runs, most of the mileage during the week has been by myself, but there is always someone itching to do a long run together so most Saturdays are with other people which is so great!

  • What are some things about running that 2020 has made you appreciate more?

I have learned to appreciate the daily mileage. Go out either for easy time on the legs or hammering a good workout, it is time to think and time to release. I think we can all use time to do both of those things in a year like 2020.

  • This year has required many of us to be home, instead of out and about doing normal things.  How have you spent some of that extra time?

Being home was such a blessing during 2020 because it allowed me to be truly present with my wife during her pregnancy and after the birth of our little girl. We have also got to experiment with a lot of new cooking recipes, play new board games and watch movies.

  • In an era where there is a lot of information moving quickly at all times, how do you stay grounded in your beliefs?

I think that when you are truly grounded in the values, ideas, and faith that is most important to you, there’s a comfort in knowing that outside noise won’t really shake that. I feel grounded in my beliefs (in many areas of life; faith, morals, training, etc.) so the outside noise doesn’t shake me too much.

  • Who have you relied on the most this year for inspiration?

My wife for sure. Delivering a child is inspiration to the max.

  • What is your biggest hope for 2021?

My biggest hope is normal racing and getting to race a full marathon. My other hope is that people who got into running while off their jobs or working from home continue to pursue it as an activity that they learn to fall in love with!

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