Your People

Some of the original LRC members.

In 2020, humans have collectively been forced to deal with some particularly tough truths about how we interact.

The focus here is on how we interact with each other, as runners.  If the quarantine life of 2020 has taught most of us anything it is that we rely on each other as people.  Maybe more than we thought we did, need that inter-personal communication that can only be done in person.  Hugs, high fives, fist bumps, a simple walk with friends.  In our case groups runs or races.

Inspired by a recent effort of a group of the young guns on the team, I am always surprised by how darn effective group training is.  This is coming from a person who has been involved in high school distance running for over 25 years and has witnessed the effects of the group.  I've been part of of solo training as forced by life and being towed along by the momentum of a collection of like minded people.

There is a poetic presence of "the loneliness of the long distance runner".  Sweating and toiling away on a road or trail somewhere, fighting their own fight.  But it doesn't make for as effective of training.

Or as effective of an existence.  For the most part we are social creatures. Tuned to touch and simple presence of others to get us through a goofy world.

So do what most of us already.  Reach out to friends or training partners.  Whether it is for miles or performance or a connection, runners have always relied on each other.  Let's keep doing that.

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