USA Cross Country Championships


The weather was drastically different than what most of the guys had trained in leading up to this race, however, the near-record temps in Boulder, CO made for perfect spectating conditions of the 8k race.  The LRC Racing men’s teams were made up of every single LRC member over the age of forty (eleven total).  After removing all unattached individuals, the men’s 40+ team ended up placing 5th out of eight teams, while the men’s 50+ team (in its first year of competition) placed 6th out of seven teams.

The 40+ team was led by Ivan Ivanov on the 40+ team as he finished 13th overall (11th AG) in a time of 28:09.  After Ivan, Tom Woods cross in 26tsh overall (15th AG) in a time of 29:14.  Rounding out the 40+ team was Tim Larsen (14th AG), Jason Schmaderer (33rd AG) and Darin Schlake (26th AG) in 30:57, 32:14 and 32:38, respectively.

The 50+ team was led by Brian Kelley who finished 7th in his age group in a time of 31:47.  Brian was followed by Brett Daugherty (20th AG), Jeff Hansen (23rd AG), Craig Christians (33rd AG), Kevin Burke (34th AG) and Kerry McDermott (20th AG) in 32:30, 32:42, 34:30, 34:35 and 35:53, respectively.

Out of the 195 runners who ran, Ivan’s time age graded to a 26th overall, while Brian Kelley age graded to 41st overall and Tom Woods age graded to 57th overall (all above 75% age grade).

Congratulations to those eleven guys for taking on the altitude and representing LRC well in Colorado!

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