The Last Edition of the LTC’s State Farm Run

After many years of dicey weather, the Lincoln Track Club’s opening event will be no more after 2018.  Transitioning to new sponsor and location, the classic event held it’s last edition on March 24th.  The weather held steady with the only issue being the overnight rain that softened up the MoPac trail.  The distances were a 10 miler and 5k.  Both were on the State Farm campus and out/back on the bike trail.  Slight headwinds out of the north made you earn it too.  Many people use this as a fitness test for Spring marathons or half marathons.  LRC Racing rep’d well.

10 Miles

Mike Rathje- 55:24, 3rd OA/2nd AG

Andrew Jacob- 56:50, 4th OA/1st AG

Kyle Clouston- 58:27, 6th OA/2nd AG

Jay Oligmueller- 59:15, 7th OA/1st AG

Kelly Halverson- 59:20, 8th OA/2nd AG

Brian Wandzilak- 60:00, 9th OA/3rd AG

Charles Smith- 61:36, 1st Masters (5th Masters Top 10 Charts)

Tim Larsen- 62:37, 1st AG

Jason Schmaderer- 62:46, 2nd AG (and healthy!!)

Brian Kelley- 66:13, 1st AG

Kevin Burke – 72:51, 3rd AG

Tonya Beach- 74:26, 2nd AG (3rd Masters Top 10 Charts)


Cole Marolf- 16:15, 1st OA

Connor Bohlken- 17:45, 2nd OA

Tom Woods- 18:33, 4th OA, 1st Masters

Cassandra Krings- 19:35, 3rd OA, 9th Top 10 Charts

Jeff Hansen – 19:52, 1st AG

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