State Farm 2016 Recap


Lincoln Track Club debuted their 2016 racing season with State Farm this past weekend. But first, Hayley Sutter was out on the roads in Boston again representing the Midwest.  She was the first female and 15th overall finisher at the St. Patrick’s Boys & Girls Club 5k in South Boston as the second finisher was over 15 seconds behind.  Unfortunately, the course was not certified and (according to her GPS watch) about .075 short of 5k. Hayley will reunite with her teammates to race the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in Chicago on April 3.

Meanwhile in east Lincoln, the LRC Masters made some noise with the newest graduate to the Masters team (Ryan Regnier, who just turned 40 this month) leading the way.  Ryan (56:49) re-wrote the record books for the masters at that distance, while Ivan Marsh (57:06), Chuck Smith (1:02:04) and Jason Schmaderer (1:02:55) all put themselves on the Top 10 Charts for the 10 mile distance.  Brian Kelly (1:03:09) and Darin Schlake (1:11:58) also finished as placers in their respective age groups.  In addition, Maureen Larsen (1:07:34) put herself on the top of the masters list for the women at the 10 mile distance while Ann Bauermeister (1:13:34) placed third in her age group.  Meanwhile, in the 5k, teammate Jeff Hansen led the way for the masters by finishing 4th overall (first masters) in a time of 19:16.

On the open side of things, LRC walked away with a win in both the men’s 5k and 10 mile. Johnny Rutford (15:43) continued a strong season by winning the overall race, as Frankie Petersen took second for the women in a time of 20:12. In the 10 mile, Neil Wolford was first overall (54:52) with Ryan Regnier and Ivan Marsh placing 5th/6th overall (as mentioned above) and Brian Wandzilak rounding out the top 10 in a time of 58:50.  Derek Sekora (1:01:20) and Austin McKillip (1:02:28) also competed on Saturday.

Next up for many LRC Runners will be the GSK (formerly Novartis) 10k in April.  LRC will also be sending two teams to compete at the Shamrock Shuffle on April 3rd as they look to continue a trend of being among the top half of teams at the regional event.

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