State Farm 10mi and 5k

Some o’ that MoPac Mud

LTC’s State Farm Run (10 miler and 5k) is the first race on their series calendar.  It is also notorious for cruddy weather.  The 2017 edition did not disappoint in this regard.  After weeks of below average precip, the rain came down Friday night.  Leaving the MoPac trail pretty dang soggy.  Puddles worth three or four step were a regular sight along the trail.  Add in a pretty stiff north wind coming at racers on the back half of the out and back course and you have some tough race day conditions.  LRC-Racing rep’d well on their long run stomping grounds this year.

In the 10 miler we had a mess of people getting ready for the impending Lincoln Marathon.

Frankie Petersen lead the LRC ladies as 5th OA and 4th AG.

Up front the blue and yellow was led by Michael Rathje (3rd OA, 2nd AG), Ryan Regnier (4th OA, 1st Masters, 1st AG), Ryan Hruska (5th OA, 3rd AG).  Other placers were Chuck Smith coming off an awesome 50k in Kansas City with a 9th OA/2nd AG, Austin McKillup during a great marathon build-up running 12th OA/3rd AG, Jason Schmaderer was 16th OA and 3rd AG.

Over on the saner (and spicy) 5k LRC crushed it.

Erica Doering had a very well done 1st OA.

Johnny Ruford was 2nd OA in a three-way duel (or whatever you call a duel with three people).  Nolan Zimmer has shown he has been a great edition to the team with a 4th OA in one of his first races for the club.  Cole Marolf enjoying the fruits of his training group in 5th.  Andrew Jacob doesn’t get credit for the kids and the job, but a well-run 8th for him. Connor Bohlken found himself chasing down Andrew with a 9th.

If these results are incorrect or I missed anyone, please direct your comments to the three kids I am dealing with as I type this. . .


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  1. Ann ringlein on March 27, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Awesome job everyone! I was cheering for you from up north!

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