Regnier and Woods Compete for LRC Racing in September Races

By Paul Watley (September 29, 2012)

On Saturday September 22nd, LRC-Racing had two athletes competing in two separate races. Tom Woods finished his 2012 multi-sport season with the USAT National Long Course Triathlon Championship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This event was a Half Ironman which means 1.2 miles of swimming, then 56 miles of biking, followed by 13.1 miles of running. Woods finished 4th overall with a total time of 4:23:30. He completed the swimming portion in 33:10, the biking portion in 2:20:00, and ran the half-marathon in 1:27:20. Woods also was the 2nd finisher in his age group to cross the finish line. Even after running a great race though, Woods, like most athletes, was able to point out ways he could have improved his time. “ I had raced sprint and Olympic distances all season long with a focus on speed versus endurance,” said Woods. “ I ended up running a 1:27:20 half-marathon leg as compared to my standalone half-marathon time of 1:17:00. Needless to say, race specific training is the golden rule; not relying on what one was capable of 4 months earlier.” For results click here .

Ryan Regnier also competed in the Denver Marathon on September 22nd. Regnier completed the race in a new, personal best time of 2:48:24, besting his previous best by 1 minute and 48 seconds. Regnier finished 11th in the field and was also the first competitor in his age group to cross the line. Regnier realized the challenge that the altitude change presented. ” When you are used to training in Lincoln, running at 5280 feet is not something that you can take lightly,” said Regnier. “I was confident in my training, the weather was perfect and I ran the first half conservatively which helped me finish with a nice PR.” For results click here .

On September 28th, LRC-Racing had 2 athletes compete in the Harvest Moon Hustle. Mike Rathje won the 10k race, finishing with a time of 33:57. Quinn Lewandowski was 2nd in the field running a 36:56.  For results click here .

LRC has a busy day on Sunday October 7th with 6 members competing in high profile marathons. Addie Hohman and Amber Brandenburger will travel to Chicago to take place in the Chicago Marathon. Brandenburger enters the race with a half-marathon PR of 1:26:00 as she makes her debut in the marathon distance. To track these two athletes click here  and sign up to receive alerts with the progress our athletes are making. 

LRC will also be sending 4 runners to compete in the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, MN. Mike Herz, Tom Nichols, Eric Noel, and Frankie Petersen will all make the trip to Minneapolis to navigate the 26.2 mile course. Nichols enters the race with a marathon PR of 2:25:13, Noel with a PR of 2:32:21 and Herz with a PR of 2:57:12. For Petersen, this will be her debut in the marathon after running a 1:26:07 in the 2012 Lincoln Half-Marathon. When Noel was asked about his expectations for the race he said, “ Predicting the outcome of running a marathon is like trying to predict Nick Symmond’s newest tattoo. Although many of the components that can dictate marathon success are unsure, one factor remains absolute and that’s the preparation.” Noel also said that he felt confident that he and his teammates are well prepared and have put in the necessary work to have a great race. To receive texts about the four LRC athletes progress, click here and sign up for the alerts. 

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