One State, One Team – LRCN

LRC Nebraska (LRCN) got off to a remarkable start at the first race where the state was able to field one, unified team at the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday, March 24th. On the men’s side, the first LRCN team finished 8th out of 27 teams, one second out of 7th place and only 40 seconds out of 5th place (the last “money spot). The second team finished 12th, just three seconds behind 11th place. The men were led by Nolan Zimmer (24:29, 29th), Johnny Rutford (24:30, 30th), Peter Falcon (24:47, 40th), Mark Abrams (24:49, 43rd) and Nolan Border (24:50, 45th) who all ran under the sacred 25-minute mark and finished in the top 45 of the race. Colin Morrissey (25:16, 69th), Austin Post (25:20, 73rd), Cory Logsdon (25:38, 86th), Jordan Wheeler (25:40, 87th) and Brett Rosauer (25:58) also represented the state well in new red and blue uniforms.

On the women’s side, the two teams finished 8th and 14th. The women were led by Erica Doering (28:38, 26th), Elizabeth Starbuck (29:42, 50th), Sarah Fowler (29:56, 59th) and Laura Tarantino (30:00, 61st) who all ran at/under the tough mark of 30-flat and finished in the top 65. Anna Dilley (30:11, 63rd), Shannon Suing (30:11, 65th), Ashlyn Glann (30:13, 67th), Jessa Sughroue (30:29, 77th) and Katherine Sheridan (32:25) also had great mornings to kick off the spring 2019 racing season!

One week later, LRCN brought the show home by running the 2019 Tabitha Miles for Meals Run on Saturday, March 30th. LRCN took 9 of the top 10 spots in the 10 mile (which should become more normal with one merged team) and five of the top 10 spots in the 5K:

Congrats everyone for a great March!

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