On the Horizon

By Logan Watley (March 27, 2012)

Not a lot has happened since the last update in late-February.  Quinn Lewandowski and Logan Watley both competed at the Nebraska Wesleyan University Open indoor track meet at Knight Fieldhouse on 2/25/12.  Quinn ran the mile in 4:28 and Logan broke 9:00 in the 3k for the first time in almost two years.  Although neither runner was trying to peak for the race, both were happy with the efforts given. In addition, both athletes hit the “A” standard qualifiers, Lewandowski’s first since the new times were put in place.  Drew Pope also ran the Napa Valley marathon in early March in order to pace a relative to three hours.  Although they began to get off pace early (due to the relative’s fitness), Drew focused on averaging at or below 7:00/mile for the last 10-14 miles.  In the end, Drew ran a solid time of 3:05.  The time doesn’t necessarily reflect the kind of shape Drew is in, and everyone is excited to see how he improves upon his marathon PR of 2:49 at Boston.

The annual State Farm run is taking place this weekend.  LRC Racing has a solid group of guys and girls ready to compete.  A majority of the runners will use the ten mile run as a training run, and a gauge of their marathon (or half marathon) fitness approximately seven weeks out.  Logan Watley and Mike Herz will use the 5k as a tune-up for the Boston Marathon that will take place on April 16, 2012. Regardless of the race, expect to see some LRC jerseys in contention for the race titles (expect the women’s 5k; we don’t have any entries in that)!

Two big events are coming up for the team:  The Boston Marathon is 20 days away, and the Lincoln Marathon is approximately 40.  Many of our athletes have been training this entire winter, with their minds focused on one of these two races.  Everyone is eager to see their training pay off and to see just what kind of times and places they are capable of.  As LRC Racing continues to work at establishing our name in the community, one can’t help but sense that these two races will help show the caliber of runners our team really has.

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