Novartis Run

By Logan Watley (April 11, 2011)

LRC Racing had a great showing at the Novartis Run on Saturday, April 9th.  Every single runner who ran finished in the top 10 of the race.  The team was led by Eric Noel at 33:25 (2nd), followed by Neil Wolford at 33:54 (3rd) and Logan Watley at 34:27 (4th).  All three runners met the minimum standard in the 10K.  In addition, Mike Herz narrowly missed the standard, but still ran a 36:38 (7th) and Derek Sekora had a great inaugural race with the team by running a 37:22 (9th).

The next team race will be the Lincoln Full/Half Marathon on May 1st.  Logan Watley, Mike Herz, Eric Noel and Derek Sekora will run the full marathon, while Neil Wolford, Amber Brandenburger and Josh Mietz will all run the half marathon.  For many members of the team, this will be their first race at this distance.

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