Meet the Athlete: Emily Langdon

Name: Emily Langdon

Age: 35

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Current residence: Omaha, NE

Occupation/Degree you are working towards: JD for 10+ years  

High School – Duchesne

College (major/minor) – Notre Dame, Marketing, Suma Cume Laude

What is your running background? – XC in HS, Ultra since about 2012

Favorite distance to run? 50 mile

What are your future running goals? More 50 mile to 100K

What is your favorite race you have competed in the past? North Fork 50k – doing 50 mile in 2019!

What is your number one bucket list race you would like to do in the future? Planning on Javelina 100K!

What are your PRs? (See resume)

How long have you been an LRC-Nebraska member? Team/Trail Nebraska since about 2011

What excites you the most about being an LRC-Nebraska athlete? THE TEAM that we’ve needed to be united for so many years

Where are your 3 favorite places to do long runs at the moment? Elkhorn hills/roads and Hitchcock

After a solid race or long run, what is your favorite meal to demolish and replenish those calories?  Please use details and give recommendations! WINE

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