Meet the Athlete: Colin Morrissey

Name: Colin Morrissey

Age: 29

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Current residence: Omaha, NE

Occupation/Degree you are working towards:

National Indemnity Data Department


High School: Millard South High School

College: Concordia University Seward, NE Secondary Education Social Sciences and Special Education

Graduate: University of Nebraska Omaha MBA

What is your running background?

In elementary school I was always the fastest kid on field day and in the mile.  This developed a love for competition and striving for greater accomplishments. I enjoyed football and track growing up, but I wanted to be a football player and play for Nebraska.  I was a much better runner, so sophomore year of high school I switched to running as my only sport and never looked back. I was blessed to win state as a team in 2006 in High School and be amongst the best runners in the state my senior year.  I went onto Concordia University Seward, NE where I ran cross country and track. I was apart of a NAIA National Runner – Up Cross Country Team in 2009 and a couple team conference titles. In my time at Concordia I made several appearances at NAIA Nationals and won a few conference individual titles.

Post Collegiately I have raced for 6 years now and still train to be competitive.  My favorite season is indoor track where I get to see if I still have it every year.  The more memorable and enjoyable races have been in club team competitions with my former team “Team Nebraska”.    

Favorite distance to run?: 3K

What are your future running goals? Break some of my PRs I set in college, especially those on the track.

I can’t run without…? Thinking how blessed I am to be able to enjoy everything that running offers me.

Do you do anything to stay injury free?

I listen to my body and take days off if I ever have or feel signs of an injury coming on.  Now that I’m not running under a deadline of eligibility I feel as though there is no reason to try to push through real and obvious pain that isn’t sustainable for long term training.   

What is your favorite race you have competed in the past?

I always enjoy Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago

Do you have any advice to other runners?

Be consistent and put in the work.  When it is time to race make it count.  Set your goals and do everything possible to reach them so that you have no excuses.  When you race make it count.

What are your PRs?

800: 2:01

Mile: 4:16

3K: 8:28

5K: 14:48

8K: 24:41

10K: 31:29

Half Marathon: 1:10:58

Marathon: 2:53:17

How long have you been an LRC-Nebraska member?

5 Days

What excites you the most about being an LRC-Nebraska athlete?

Having new people to train and race with.  I also look forward to my teammates pushing me to be better and likewise me pushing them.

What does a typical training week look like for you?  Walk us through your daily routine (training related and otherwise):

Each day I try to run at least 6 miles as a standard.  When I’m really training for something I will build up by increasing my miles and I will also try to work on some speed.  I enjoy lifting but often times can’t keep a solid routine going. For speed work I like to simply run faster at points in my run to make it a tempo effort.  If I’m on the track I enjoy 400 / 800 repeats.

We all approach training and racing differently, so tell us what your short-term and long-term goals are with running:

Short term goals: Get some new PR’s

Long Term goals: Keep on enjoying the sport and stick around long enough to see if anything ever becomes of short term goal after short term goals being met

Where are your 3 favorite places to do long runs at the moment?

Lake Zorinski

Papio Trail


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