LRC Racing Has Two New Records

In the short time that the Good Life Halfsy has been in existence, LRC Racing has made their presence known at this particular race in the fall, and 2018 was no exception. The record for men’s half marathon and women’s half marathon were broken on Sunday, October 29th, with Nolan Zimmer (1:07:34.8, 5th OA) and Katie Wetzstein (1:15:26.8, 1st OA) putting their mark on the team record books. On the men’s side, Johnny Rutford pushed to improve his own PR by breaking 68 minutes (1:07:51.5, 7th OA) and Nolan Border rounded out the top 10 for the team (1:10:50.4, 10th OA).  Meanwhile for the women, Mary Hillis continued to run strong this fall by finishing third in a time of 1:20:51.9. Anna Hazard shaved nearly 6 minutes off her previous PR (1:23:16.7, 5th OA) and Frankie Petersen joined in the fun to run an LRC Racing PR as well (1:24:10.2, 7th OA). Katie, Mary, Anna and Frankie are now 1st, 2nd, 6th and 8th, respectively on the top 10 charts, while Nolan Z, Johnny and Nolan B are 1st, 2nd and 8th, respectively.

There were many other runners, and age group awards as well:

* Cassandra Krings (1:25.52.2, 3rd AG)

*Jessa Sughroue (1:28:18.0)

*Tonya Beach (1:33:03.3, 1st AG) – Inaugural Race

*Andrew Jacob (1:11:44.1, 3rd AG) – Hope that 30+ year olds can still run PR’s

*Connor Bohlken (1:14:38.0)

*Brian Wandzilak (1:14:46.4, 1st AG)

*Austin McKillip (1:23:18.3)

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