Living History Farms Road O’ Cross 2017


Don't know why they went with kind of an odd name for the race this year.  But it is an odd race with an odd vibe that involves an odd style of running.  This year's event at Living History Farms fell right in the style of what you expect from this race, if you've raced it before.

Early morning rainstorm turned a muddy course into a sloppy course.  But surprisingly "warm" temps made for a bearable morning of running through the corn fields and forests.  A strong north wind added to the challenge of frigid water crossings, but that is how this race rolls.

LRC Racing had a great day.  The CoEd team of Dylan Slaba (13th OA, 7th AG), Logan Watley (55th OA, 9th AG) , Sarah Fowler (5th OA, 1st AG) , Kelly Messbarger (23 OA, 6th AG), and Anna Hazard (7th OA, 2nd AG) took home the title.  Our first women's team members to make an appearance at this event!  This continues a long streak of at least one LRC team winning a team title.



The open team of Nolan Zimmer (4th OA, 2nd AG), Jacob Olson (6th OA, 4th AG), Andrew Jacob (15th OA, 3rd AG), Brian Wandzilak (18th OA, 1st AG) could not quite defend the Men's team open title from last 2016.  But a strong second represented the team well.


The LRC Racing Master's Team had two entries this year.  Ending up 2nd and 3rd in the over 40 division of the race, they continued an incredibly strong fall after October's Master's 15k Championships in Tulsa.

Ryan Regnier (5th Overall Master, 4th AG)

Ivan Marsh (6th OAM, 5th AG)

Charles Smith (7th OAM, 7th AG)

Tom Woods (8th OAM, 3rd AG)

Brian Kelley (1st Grand Master, 12th OAM, 1st AG)

Craig Christians (13th OAM, 2nd AG)

Brett Daugherty (14th OAM, 1st AG)

Darin Schlake (15th OAM, 6th AG)

Travis Green (17th OAM, 9th AG)

Kevin Burke (18th OAM, 2nd AG)

Kerry McDermott (27th OAM, 4th AG)



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