Lincoln Racing Update and More!

LRC Racing has been pretty active this past week.  It started on Tuesday, April 26th as Craig Christians made his annual trek to Des Moines to run the Grand Blue Mile. Craig did not disappoint as he won his age group in a time of 5:17.71, edging out the second place finisher by only half a second!  Craig then came back on Sunday, May 1st to run a time of 18:54 at the Berkshire Hathaway Invest in Yourself 5K.  Craig was 11th overall (by only four seconds) and 1st in his age group by almost four minutes!

Meanwhile, over in Lincoln, a HUGE number of LRC Racers gathered to run in either the Lincoln Full or Lincoln Half Marathon.  In the full marathon, Neil Wolford led the way by placing 3rd in a time of 2:34:04.  Ryan Regnier (4th AG, 2:50:53), Charles Smith (5th AG, 2:56:15) and Kevin Burke (9th AG, 3:23:49) all represented in the full marathon as well for the masters team.  Neil’s time is fourth on the all-time lists, while Ryan and Kevin are now 2nd and 6th, respectively, on the masters Top 10 Charts.

In the women’s race, Ann Bauermeister was the lone woman to represent LRC as she ran a time of 3:29:45 to win her age group!


In the half marathon, there were quite a few more LRC entrants.  In the men’s field, Johnny Rutford (3rd, 1:08:53), Michael Rathje (4th, 1:09:35) and Ryan Dostal (8th, 1:11:57) all came away with top 10 finishes.  Cole Marolf (5th AG, 1:14:11), Tom Nichols (3rd AG, 1:14:36), Ryan Hruska (7th AG, 1:16:15), Quinn Lewandowski (8th AG, 1:16:49), Zach Brown (7th AG, 1:18:03), Brian Wandzilak (3rd AG, 1:18:13), Derek Sekora (1:22:16) and Austin McKillip (5th AG, 1:24:05) all ran as well. Johnny’s time now pushes him up to third on the all-time charts.

On the masters side, Ivan Marsh was the second overall masters finisher (1st AG, 1:15:55), while Jason Schmaderer (4th AG, 1:23:16), Ryan Salem (5th AG, 1:24:27), Jeff Hansen (3rd AG, 1:28:41), Brett Daugherty (4th AG, 1:28:52), Brian Kelley (3rd AG, 1:26:24) and Kerry McDermott (9th AG, 1:39:09) all represented the team as well.  Salem’s time places him 8th on the top 10 charts.

LRC also had three women in the top 10 of the half marathon, led by Hayley Sutter (3rd, 1:21:34), Michelle Paxton (4th, 1:22:28) and Erica Doering (9th, 1:24:53).  Michelle Schmidt placed just outside the Top 10 by coming in as the 13th female (2nd AG, 1:27:38).  Amy McCracken was the first masters women across the line as she finished in a time of 1:31:26!  Michelle and Erica are now 3rd and 6th, respectively on the all-time charts, while Amy now sits in second.

Also of note, LRC Racing alum, Eric Noel was the overall winner of the Lincoln Marathon as he outran Edward Tabut for the win in a time of 2:25:00. Noel was a founding member of LRC Racing and holds two team records and nine spots on the Top 10 charts. Congrats Eric!

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