Lincoln Mile

Another June has gone by, which only means that the Lincoln Running Company Mile is right around the corner. Athletes have gotten used to slight course changes over the years, BUT, this year’s changes might be around for awhile.  LRC Racing blew the doors off previous Top 10 Charts, with FIVE Top 10 performances for the men and THREE for the women. This race also saw two new team records for the respective distance in Nolan Border (4:23.00) and Katie Wetzstein (4:52.21). Both runners finished second in the elite heat.

LRC Men:

Nolan Border (4:23.00) – 2nd OA, **NEW TEAM RECORD**

Tim Grundmayer (4:23.61) – 3rd OA, 3rd on Top 10 Charts

Nolan Zimmer (4:30.36) – 7th OA, 6th on Top 10 Charts

Johnny Rutford (4:34.40) – 8th OA, 8th on Top 10 Charts

Andrew Jacob (4:36.27) – 9th OA

Tim Meyer (4:39.47) – 10th on Top 10 Charts

Brian Wandzilak (4:57.92) – Another year sub-5:00 and still gunning for the young kids in the elite heat.

Kelly Halverson (5:13.37) – 1st AG

Charles Smith (5:20.02) – 1st Masters

Brett Daugherty (5:32.13) – 3rd Masters, 1st AG

LRC Women:

Katie Wetzstein (4:52.21) – 2nd OA, **NEW TEAM RECORD**

Erica Doering (5:12.62) – 3rd OA

Jessa Sughroue (5:21.09) – 6th OA, 3rd on Top 10 Charts

Ashlyn Glann (5:23.22) – 7th OA, 1st inaugural race, 5th on Top 10 Charts

Stacy Shaw (5:51.84) – 1st Masters


Full results can be found here.


Next up for the team, several runners will head to Ames, IA for Midnight Madness next weekend, while another small contingent will make the annual trip to Columbus on 7/21 for the Columbus Downtown Runaround, a stalwart in the Lincoln Running Company Racing schedule.

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