Lincoln Half & Full Marathon

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The three individuals you see here at the start set the tone for LRC Racing in this weekend’s Lincoln Half & Full Marathon from the moment the cannon fired (twice).  LRC runners across all races and both genders really represented the blue and gold well.  In the men’s half, LRC held five out of the top ten places, with Tom Nichols leading the way as he finished second overall with a new team record in the half marathon of 1:08:14.  Michael Rathje (1:09:33), Eric Noel (1:09:48), Neil Wolford (1:10:40) and Jason Zakaras (1:13:14) rounded out the top ten by placing 3-4-5-10, respectively.  Other than Tom surpassing Neil’s record of 1:08:31 set at this same race last year, there was not a lot of change in the men’s top ten charts, other than Jason moving up from 9th to 5th.  LRC also dominated the age group awards as they placed second in the 25-29 age group (Logan Watley, 1:15:39), fifth in 35-39 (Ryan Salem, 1:21:38*), 1-2-3 in 40-44 (Tom Woods, 1:20:44; Jason Schmaderer, 1:24:07; Darin Schlake, 1:25:18) and first in 55-59 (Brian Kelley, 1:21:40). Brian, Jason and Darin’s time all were good enough to make the top 10 charts for our masters.

On the women’s side, Hayley Sutter (1:24:07) and Amber Sargent (1:25:44) led the way as they placed 4th and 7th, respectively.  Amber’s time also earns her a spot on the top 10 charts, despite the fact she will be competing in the Fargo Marathon this coming weekend.  Nora Youngs also represented LRC well as she finished first in her 25-29 age group (1:28:33).  In the women’s marathon, Frankie Petersen finished 8th overall (3:04:57) despite knowing going in that it would be quite a different experience than last year where she finished in 2:54:31 and placed 4th overall.  Ann Bauermeister also completed the full marathon in a time of 3:36:49 (2nd on the masters top 10, and 9th on open top 10), which placed her 4th in the 40-44 age group.

Finally, in the men’s marathon, Ryan Regnier paced LRC to a strong finish (2:41:44) as he improved his time on the top 10 charts (5th).  Ryan was the tenth finisher in the race, while teammate Chad Sellers debuted with a 2:43:03 (11th, 1st in 35-36 age group).  Brian Wandzilak (2:51:57) and Austin McKillip (3:01:52 ) also completed the full marathon as Brian placed 2nd in the 30-35 age group.  Full results for all races can be found here.

Nearly every single LRC athlete who competed Sunday came away with either a top ten award or an age group award.  Just like every other day, it was a good day to wear blue and gold.

Other upcoming races will include the Havelock Run 10k/3k, Grandma’s Full/Half Marathon in Duluth, CornfieldCornfield, Lincoln Mile, Columbus Downtown Runaround 5 mile and the Thunder Run 5k.

*Ryan Salem disputes that his finishing time should be faster than what is listed here. If you want to know more, ask Ryan.

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