LHF 2015 Recap

The weather at Living History Farms in Des Moines, IA must be an every other year type of thing.  With temperatures hovering around zero two years ago, and last year’s weather being a pleasant change, things were bound to trend back towards cold again this year; after all, it is November.  With close to six inches of snow falling on the course in the 24-48 hours before the race, the directors shortened the course and cut out specific sections.  Neither the course change or weather kept LRC Racing away!

Brian Wandzilak led the way for the guys as he (12th OA, 1st AG, 31:18) and Ivan Ivanov (14th, 1st AG, 31:23) finished just outside the top 10. Ivanov was also the overall masters winner, while Ryan Regnier barely missed out on the first page of results as he ran 32:28 (26th OA, 2nd AG).  Other competitors for LRC Racing included Tom Woods (29th OA, 1st AG, 32:41), Andrew Jacob (30th OA, 32:44), Jason Zakaras (32nd OA, 33:01), Jason Schmaderer (2nd AG, 33:54), Brian Kelley (1st AG, 34:18), Darin Schlake (36:30), Brett Daugherty (2nd AG, 36:31) and Craig Christians (3rd AG, 36:53).

Although LRC Racing teams were a little mixed up, the team took both 4th and 5th in the overall team competition and 1st overall in the master’s team competition.

Maureen Larsen was the sole female competitor for LRC Racing as she ran 39:54 for 11th overall and third in her age group.

Full results can be found here.

Next up for the team will be some Turkey Trots, the Holiday Run at Pioneers Park and the California International Marathon, which will be sure to rearrange some records on our top 10 charts!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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