LC10k 2018

After a typical Nebraska winter training cycle, LRC Racing started off their unofficial racing year at SAC Museum/Mahoney State Park between Lincoln and Omaha.  With some of the team spiking up for a few indoor meets and others doing random cross country/trail or local roadies, the team lined up with huge numbers on Saturday.

The LRC women’s team is proving itself to be a regional powerhouse absolutely dominating the top of the women’s race.  With the lasses getting a 5:30 gap on the lads, LRC ladies had the top two overall finishers in Katie Wetzstein and Mary Hillis.  But five of the next eight female racers were also LRC.  On the men’s side the team was led by Nolan Zimmer.  With his attitude and talent, he is showing the kind of runner the team loves having as a member.  Tim Meyer and Nolan Border were up next in quick succession to round out the top 5 men. Andrew Jacob finishing in the top 10 with a seventh place finish.  It was a relatively hot day with temps in the upper 60s and a windy one no matter how you cut that, but LRC Racing came to compete and that’s what the team did.

Head to head (with a 5 1/2 minute head start), the LRC women beat the LRC men by a score of 21-36.


Up next for the team is one of the biggest events of the year with the 8k Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago and the final edition of the State Farm Run in Lincoln.


1.  Katie Wetzstein, 36:26.32 (new team record)

2. Mary Hillis, 37:30 (6th on Top 10 Charts)

4.  Sarah Fowler, 38:15 (1st AG)

5. Erica Doering, 38:35 (1st AG)

7. Anna Hazard, 40:14 (2nd AG)

9.  Cassandra Krings, 40:46 (3rd AG)

10.  Frankie Petersen, 40:46 (2nd AG)

14.  Jessa Sughroue, 41:35

21.  Amy McCracken, 43:40 (1st AG)

36.  Kelly Messbarger, 45:20

41.  Ann Bauermeister, 46:09 (1st AG)


2. Nolan Zimmer, 32:29 (5th on Top 10 Charts)

4. Tim Meyer, 33:40 (1st AG)

5.  Nolan Border, 38:46 (1st AG)

7.  Andrew Jacob, 34:30 (2nd AG)

11.  Kyle Clouston, 35:51 (3rd AG)

14.  Brian Wandzilak, 36:26 (2nd AG)

15.  Jay Oligmueller, 36:28 (team debut, 3rd AG)

25.  Derek Sekora, 38:46

26.  Jason Schmaderer, 38:49 (Overall Masters Winner)



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