Late May Performances

(If I had action shots, I would use them.  So much sexier.  But I don't have the patience to wait for race photos to upload, nor do I want to deal with watermarks and all that fun private property business)

There are 10ks and then there is the Bolder Boulder.  One of the top 10 races in the country in terms of sheer participants.  We have an age group winner among us (add this to my name dropping list).  Tom Woods ran to a win in the 45 year old division and managed to be 7th overall Masters.  Hitting the line in Folsom Field in 36:09 after a 6 mile tour of the Republic of Boulder, Tom's time was 7 seconds better than his previous course best.  Props to Tom coming away from the race with some hardwear.

Up in Fargo, Derek Sekora had a GREAT result in his return to marathon racing.  After coming off some injuries, Derek headed north to Fargo and toed the start line at what is quickly becoming a great, late Spring event.  Carrying out a classic marathon strategy (one not recently employed by the author), Derek hit the half in 1:29:10.  Negative splitting the back end of the race in 1:28:38, he styled across the finish line in the FARGODOME (tm) in 2:57:48.  A beautifully run race.


Finally, Charles Smith continued his unreal tear of races out in Utah.  Running everything from 10k to 50k over the last year, Charles has been CRUSHING the masters circuit.  After a quick web search of images, it appears that Ogden is now on my list with how flipping awesome the course looks.  Running a Masters PR of 2:51:30, Charles remains 3rd on our Masters list.  Holding it down for the old doodz.


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