Introduction to LRC Racing Masters


The LRC Racing Board of Directors is happy to be able to announce the institution of a Masters facet of the competitive racing team.  Although LRC Racing membership includes two Masters runners who meet the open standards, the goal of the Masters team will be to provide Nebraska runners who are 40+ or 50+ an opportunity to run local, regional and national races on a team with other runners in the same age group.

Initial LRC Masters runners are Tom Woods, Maureen Larsen & Craig Christians (see left).  The minimum application standards and application process can be found here.  The minimum standards listed are just a starting point in our application process with the heaviest weight being placed on the in-person interview.

Although we realize LRC Racing has some work to do in order to build our team for competitive racing against similar, Midwest teams, we believe that LRC is the vehicle that will allow many of our state’s best to compete on the highest level.

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