Hot Dang That’s A Good Race


It's been a little less than a week since the 2017 Lincoln Half and Full Marathons.  This race has been a huge partner with LRC-Racing since our inception and every the LRC women and men turn out in force to compete and show our support for the work and funding that the Lincoln Marathon puts into our team.  The 40th Anniversary of this year was a hot one both in terms of temperature AND competition (heyoooo!).  On a course that can be both fast and put in you in your place at the same time, the team showed some serious fitness after a really good spring of training.

Without getting into too much detail (see below for details) LRC was represented well in the top ten of virtually all races.  After the top ten, the LRC logo was all over the damn place.  Here are some of the major highlights:

In the women's half we were lead by Bridget Easeley (5th OA), Hayley Sutter (7th OA), Erica Doering (8th OA), Michelle Paxton (9th OA), and Frankie Petersen (just outside top ten in 11th).

In the men's half Johnny Rutford (6th OA) was the lone member in the top 10.  The bulk of the rest of the top 25 was LRC racing.

In the men's full marathon (holy cannoli that was hot) Michael Rathje powered to a 6th OA as well.  LRC alum Eric Noel was 4th in trying to defend his title from 2016.

In the women's full

The team now turns it attention to a bunch of summer racing at shorter distances. . .




Bridget Easeley- 6th OA, 1st AG, 1:23:35

Hayley Sutter- 7th OA, 3rd AG, 1:23:58

Erica Doering- 8th OA, 4th AG, 1:24:53

Michelle Paxton- 9th OA, 1st AG, 1:24:56

Frankie Peterson- 11th OA, 2nd AG, 1:26:07


Johnny Rutford- 67th OA, 3rd AG 1:08:14

Nolan Border- 11th OA, 4th AG, 1:11:30

Ryan Dostal- 14th OA, 6th AG, 1:11:59 (how hard did you kick to get under?)

Nolan Zimmer- 16th OA, 5th AG, 1:13:57

Ryan Hruska- 18th OA, 8th AG, 1:14:32

Cole Marolf- 19th OA, 9th AG, 1:14:35

Tim Meyer- 21st OA, 1st AG, 1:14:59 (did you kick as well to get under?)

Tom Nichols- 22nd OA, 4th AG, 1:15:31

Andrew Jacob- 23rd OA, 5th AG, 1:16:23

Connor Bohlken- 24th OA, 7th AG, 1:16:31

Charles Smith- 31st OA, 5th AG, 1:20:06

Logan Watley- 34th OA, 12th AG, 1:21:21

Ryan Salem- 46th OA,  6th AG, 1:22:56

Derek Sekora- 1:28:58 pacing/doing a workout

Ryan Regnier bumped to the half after running a marathon in Nashville week before and dealing with some leftover injuries.



Michael Rathje- 6th OA, 4th AG, 2:37:03

Austin McKillip- 79th OA, 16th AG, 3:12:46

Brett Daugherty- 3:20:01

Brian Wandzilak- 3:21:01

Ann Bauermeister- 4:00:40


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