Havelock Run 2019

Lotta blue and red in that photo.  10k start

As our team grows, it is a work of love to get all the results in from each member who races.  So check out onlineraceresults.com for the full set of 10k and 3k results, but here are some highlights.

Starting in "Historic Havelock" in northeast Lincoln, this now classic Lincoln event has two race distances depending on how you want to go about hurting on a Saturday morning. The best part of this race (other than hanging with friends and teammates) is the charity portion.  Pinnacle Bank is the big sponsor and they have a team of 3 run each distance.  If the team you put together beats the Pinnacle Team's total time, the bank donates money to a local charity that you pick from.  Awesome element to a local race.

Competition wise, LRC-N continues to show up at the top of results.  Winners included Mary Noel (10k), Johnny Rutford (10k), Erica Doering (3k), Tim Grundmayer (3k).

Haven't seen team results, including the all important intra squad challenge.  That will be coming shortly.  But based on a quick scan, LRC-N was part of helping out some local charities on Saturday.  Well done brothers and sisters.

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