Havelock Charity Run


The Havelock Charity Run sponsored by Pinnacle Bank is the original charity run in Lincoln.  The Lincoln Track Club, with the support of Pinnacle Bank, holds a team competition where for every team that finishes, the bank will donate $50 to a selected charity.  For every team that beats the Pinnacle team, they donate $75.  LRC Racing, in conjunction with Nebraska Wesleyan, had eight teams (all of them beating the Pinnacle bank teams), totaling $600 of donations to nonprofit groups in the area.

Although the race appeared to be a repeat of last year’s weather with early rain, the precipitation stopped about a half hour before the race and held off long enough for LRC to have some solid early summer performances.  In the women’s 3k, the team won by almost six and a half minutes as Erica Doering led the way in 10:11 (1st), with Hayley Sutter (10:18, 2nd), and Maureen Larsen (11:26, 6th) not far behind.  Sierra Zemanick also ran her inaugural race for LRC, finishing 8th overall in 11:34.  Maureen’s daughter, Mazie Larsen, also ran as a scorer for LRC, finishing 5th in 11:03.  Hayley’s time places her 2nd on the Top 10 charts, as Maureen and Sierra’s time put them as 4th and 5th, respectively, on the list.

In the men’s 3k, LRC finished second overall, with Logan Watley pacing the team (9:16, 2nd) and Derek Sekora having a huge road 3K PR of 9:50 (8th), which moves him to 6th on the all-time list.  Other scorers for the LRC team were 50+ Craig Christians (10:28, 10th) and 60+ Bob Garcia (10:59, 14th), who also ran as a scorer for LRC.  Both Mazie and Bob ran as scorers of LRC Racing for the purpose of completing a team and to ensure as many charitable contributions as possible.

In the men’s 10k, the LRC men placed first in the open division, beating second place by five minutes and six seconds.  The team was made up of Michael Rathje (32:59, 2nd), Ryan Dostal (33:18, 3rd), Johnny Rutford (34:49, 8th), Cole Marolf (34:58, 9th) and Andrew Jacob (35:34, 11th), who was coming off a tough half marathon last weekend.  The men’s masters team also placed 4th overall in the open division, which was made up of Kevin Burke (40:54), Darin Schlake (41:12), Brian Kelley (41:51) and Kerry McDermott (43:47), which was 1st, 3rd-5th, respectively for masters runners.

Full results can be found here.

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