Havelock and one other


In some of the first major team racing since Lincoln Half/Full, LRC showed up at Havelock to bust some race and take up some places.  Taking place in Havelock, a historic neighborhood in northeast Lincoln, it features a 3k and 10k.

Co-Directed by our very master's ace Ryan Regnier,  with these fairly unique distances on the Nebraska racing scene, this race generally serves as a spring board to summer and fall racing.  LRC-Racing continued to illustrate their depth filling up results in both races.  Across the board LRC is proving to be the top club in Nebraska with its approach to team and character.

Weather at Havelock can range from horrible to less horrible.  Race start temps were in the 70s, but calm.  Not bad for June in L-town.

10k Results

Katie Wetzstein- 1st - 37:17

Frankie Petersen - 3rd - 41:23


Nolan Zimmer - 2nd - 32:54

Nolan Border - 3rd - 33:27

Michael Rathje - 4th - 33:31

Johnny Rutford - 6th - 34:07

Cole Marolf - 7th - 34:18

Tim Meyer - 8th - 34:21

Zach Brown - 10th - 35:36

Connor Bohlken - 12th -36:25

Austin McKillip - 26th - 39:29


3k Results

Erica Doering - 4th - 10:21

Maureen Larsen - 12th - 11:43 (1st Master)


Andrew Jacob- 5th - 9:12

Logan Watley- 8th - 9:33

Tom Woods - 10th - 9:34 (1st Masters)

Kyle Clouston- 11th - 9:46 (team debut)

Craig Christians - 20th - 10:35



In other news, Brian Wandzilak competed in the USATF 50 Mile Trail Championship in Ithaca, NY.  Finishing in 9:26:13, he was 24th overall in a qualifying race for the US World Trail Team in Italy, 2018.  With 10k of elevation, a challenge coming from Nebraska.  Bigger write up later on over at SimpleSoleProject

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  1. Todd broekemeier on September 2, 2017 at 5:08 am

    You know what would be great? I mean real cool if you could pull it off. It would be able to get the guy’s at the invest in your self 5k during the Berkshire hathaway event to put up some money to get some of these girls/ now professional runners like Emily Sisson and Shelby Houlihan,who grew up in this area to make an appearance. Lots of good ideas and I bet these gals would love to come back and race here. Emily and Shelby, Molly H. And Emily Infeld raced hard at the world championships in London! it would be fun to see them in Omaha.

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