Harvest Moon Hustle


LRC entered last Friday evening with the thought that a 1-3 sweep was possible. However, our runners blew that idea out of the water.  When all was said and done, LRC brought in the first seven runners in the Harvest Moon Hustle’s 10k run, and 13 of the top 15 (including Alum).

Jason Zakaras was the one to lead the charge as he ran 33:26 to win the race, which also improved his 7th place spot on the Top 10 charts.  Jason was followed by Ivan Ivanov (34:02), Ryan Regnier (34:15), Andrew Jacob (34:33), Cole Marolf (34:42), Tom Woods (34:52) and Brian Wandzilak (35:25).  Austin McKillip (37:40) rounded out the top 10, as Tim Larsen debuted for LRC with a 38:01 10k and fellow master’s runner Darin Schalke.  Hayley Sutter won the women’s race in 38:55, while Maureen Larsen was the first women’s master runner, finishing second in the overall race, in a time of 40:19.

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