Halfsy, Edition #5


In what has quickly turned into a great test of fitness for whatever purpose you might have, the roads of the 5th Annual Good Life Halfsy saw numerous PR’s and awards for our squad in blue.  With the weather cooperating more than some predicted and fast competition continuing to be a trend for the folks at Pink Gorilla.

Our women’s side was down a bit (on numbers) with all of the master’s gals down in Tulsa (stay tuned for that write up).  Those who toed the line threw down though.  Taking up two of the top three podium spots, Katie Fitzsimmons and Mary Noel absolutely brought it.  Chipping in were one of our newcomers of Laura Tarantino and Ashlyn Glann, who combined with Jessa Sughroue and Kelly Messbarger to make a formidable women’s group.

The men had bigger numbers and some huge successes as well.  The Men’s Master winner was Ryan Regnier.  Second and fourth overall were Johnny Rutford and Nolan Zimmer.  Also in the top 10 were Jacob Olson and Nolan Border. Age group awards were taken up by Tim Meyer, Jay Oligmueller, and Kelly Halverson (thank goodness the author did not run as those guys are in the same AG, look out Master’s).  Other racers running well but not on the podium were John Cleary, Tim Grudmayer, Andrew Jacob, Ryan Hruska, and Derek Sekora.

That is it for most of us now.  A decent number (18) will continue on training for National Club XC in Spokane, WA. A number will also continue their fitness and enjoy fall racing in a variety of local events on and off the roads.



Katie Fitzsimmons, 1:17:54, Has proven to be a force on the regional scene.

Mary Noel, 1:18:44.  Said adiós to the 1:19s and skipped right to sun 119.  Two minute PR and 2nd on the LRC Top 10 charts.

Laura Tarantino, 1:24:00.5. Still getting used to this whole “LRC” thing. Really a debut race at 8th on the Top 10 charts and nothing but good things ahead.

Jessa Sughroue, 1:25:05.7. Has a nice fall season going.

Ashlyn Glann, 1:31:36.  One of many med students on the crew.

Kelly Messbarger, 1:33:03.  Continues to challenge herself. See you at LHF.



Johnny Rutford, 1:06:18.  I don’t even know what to say. Maybe the fittest runner in the state right now.

Nolan Zimmer, 1:017:13.  He will find 14 seconds somewhere. For now the PR will suffice. Improved his second place time on the Top 10 charts.

Jacob Olson, 1:09:05. Taking it upon himself to keep flights active between Georgia and Nebraska, he returns to Lincoln and finds a Top 10 placing and a 7th place spot on the team’s Top 10 charts.

Nolan Border, 1:09:07.  Just two seconds from beating his nemesis (I don’t think they are nemisi, but it sounds cool). His transition to road running has been a sight.

John Cleary, 1:11:12. Nice time.  Taking advantage of TCM fitness, a great addition to the team.

Andrew Jacob, 1:12:08.  Sniffing a PR, but ends up 4th in AG. What karma did he not fulfill to deserve that?

Tim Grundmayer, 1:12:15.  Great half debut.

Tim Meyer, 1:15:05.  Our personal yoda wasn’t even running two weeks ago.  Great race by him.

Ryan Hruska, 1:15:29.  The groundhog of LRC, makes his presence known every so often in a big way.

Jay Oligmueller, 1:15:53.  A breakout year for Jay, running PRs at multiple distances.  Shoring up our upper 30s team.

Kelly Halverson, 1:16:54.1. Like Jay, having a great year.

Ryan Regnier, 1:18:20.  After an unfortunate incident with a dog earlier this year, is patience has paid off coming away with master’s title.

Connor Bohlken, 1:19:26.2. Coming back from the mountains to race.

Derek Sekora, 1:24:27. Wanting to escape the suffocating humidity of the South, he came up for some fall leaves.


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