Get it done


Many of us were greeted by the reality of Nebraska winter as we stepped out the door for weekend miles the last few days.  Been lucky so far this season, but you saw single digits on your weather app, negative windchills.  Seeing it on the phone is one thing.  Feeling it on your face and that first inhale is another.

It is a fact of life here in the Heartland.  Weather to the extremes.  Could be way worse, could be easier.  But the fact is you can't control it, so get out the door.  Embrace the fact that you are in Nebraska.  Embrace the Nebraskan in you.  The Good Life.

Some other reasons to appreciate the cold:

  • Better variety of titling runs on Strava
  • More appreciation for nice weather/vacation running in the winter
  • Expanded wardrobe
  • Fell tougher going to softer climates and seeing people in long sleeves and gloves on 50 degree morning
  • Get in touch with your Pioneer spirit
  • It's the Good Life.  How bad could it actually be?
  • Into the wind on the front half.  Tailwind, frozen booty, and heroic splits on the back half
  • Enjoy the pleasures of a shower coffee.  Like a summer shower beer, but with coffee.  In the morning.  Though if you drink beer in the morning maybe 0 degree windchill isn't that big of a deal
  • Community building via shared suffering until the Lincoln Marathon where it will 80 degrees and windy on race day.

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