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Post Collegiate Running

By logan | Jan 6, 2020

When we started LRC Racing in 2010, we did it for the sole reason of wanting to continue in the sport of running. It wasn’t necessarily that we had goals to qualify for the Olympic Trials or to break a sub-4:00 mile, but it was because we truly loved what we had experienced because of…

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I’m Lazy!

By logan | Jan 2, 2020

Maybe it’s the end of a year (which is only compounding on the end of a decade), but I feel like I’ve been somewhat reflective this last week on the past. A lot has happened over the last ten years, and each of those events have their place. In 2010 we started LRC Racing. In…

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The Nature of Things

By brian | Dec 30, 2019

If your email inbox or social media pages are anything like mine you are being inundated with various “best of” lists.  Most read articles, most liked photos, best stories, etc, etc, etc.  This is all amplified by the end of the decade.  Glancing through some of these (thanks to slightly more time with winter break)…

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The Memorable Mud

By Nolan Zimmer | Dec 17, 2019

“Boys, I don’t know if you just heard, but we’re apart of f*cking history today!” That’s what I told my LRCN brothers in our prerace huddle. I couldn’t help myself. Hearing that USATF official announce those words mere minutes before the sound of the gun had my blood pumping. I’m still not even sure what…

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USATF Club Cross 2019- Worth the Trip

By brian | Dec 15, 2019

Classic cross country conditions on a (developing) classic course greeted the women and men from LRC-Nebraska in Lehigh, Pennsylvania.  Wet, soggy, and soft were descriptions heard from team mates as they did their course preview. In what has become one of the focal points of the team’s competitive year, we have now sent a squad…

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For the team

By brian | Nov 25, 2019

As individual as an activity that running is, nothing can push you to greater efforts than competing for a teammate.  Warming up together, sharing in the start line jitters, the settling into the race, the point where your effort starts knocking on the door of “why I am doing this?”, to the post race laughter…

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The Team

By brian | Nov 8, 2019

Runners like to claim some sort of poetic license to solitude. Out there on the roads and trails in the pre dawn light.  Breath disappearing in a cloud as the pace drops.  Those first beads of sweat on your neck at the hairline. That last shakeout run before a big race.  Maybe the first split…

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Nebraska State Cross Country

By logan | Oct 24, 2019

I have a confession to make. I am a cross country runner stuck in a track runner’s body. I love the team aspect of cross country, I love the fall running, and I love throwing on a pair of spikes. Unfortunately for me, though, track and the speed that comes along with it has always…

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Hot Take

By logan | Oct 22, 2019

I’ve spent some time over the years thinking about the running industry in Nebraska, and while I don’t want to contradict my prior post about being positive, I do think that it’s worth providing some information to those that might benefit from some additional context.  That leads me to the subject of this post, which…

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