“There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!” – Irish Proverb

As much as we love fast times, the one thing we might love more is camaraderie, because misery loves company.  This side of LRC Racing has really grown in the last six months, and it has been amazing to see some recently graduated athletes plug themselves in and compete as a team wherever/whenever they can.  It is a great reminder of why we started the team:  to promote running and to keep runners running!

This past weekend, the Nebraska USATF 5K XC championships were held at Pioneers Park, and the LRC Racing crew came out in droves!

Both the men and women won uncontested team championships, with Nolan Zimmer leading the way for the men (16:03.64, 2nd OA). Jacob Olson (16:07.17, 3rd OA), Nolan Border (16:21.1, 4th OA), Tanner Brown (16:22.64, 5th OA) and Tim Meyer (16:56.6, 6th OA) made up the rest of the scoring team for the men. Brian Wandzilak (17:08.39, 10th OA), Andrew Jacob (17:32.3) and Kyle Clouston (17:47.23) also competed for the men’s team.

On the women’s side, Mary Hillis led the way, finishing 1st overall for the women in a time of 19:06.6.  Erica Doering (19:28.53, 2nd OA), Sara Fowler (20:41.82, 4th OA), Anna Hazard (20:54.99, 5th OA) and Kelly Messbarger (23:21.75, 9th OA).

On the master’s side, Ryan Regnier (17:36.77) and Tonya Beach (22:26.2) won the overall master’s championships, while Charles Smith (18:55.64), Jason Schmaderer (19:01.52), Tim Larsen (19:12.52), Craig Christians (19:35.16), Brian Kelley (19:42.87), Jeff Hansen (19:56.47), Brett Daugherty (20:39.67) and Kevin Burke (21:14.34) also competed in the championship race.

In addition, Tom Nichols ran the New York City Marathon in a time of 2:47:35, and on October 22nd, Hayley Sutter ran the Bayside Marathon in a time of 2:54:30, which was the second overall female!

Next up for the crew will be a trip to Des Moines for the annual Living History Farms Run/Race/Obstacle Course, and the USATF Club XC National Championships in Lexington, KY. Look for the team to be competitive at both races.

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