Empyrean Trail Race


The handful of LRCN folks who managed to scrape their way up to Camp Carol Joy Holling near Ashland were treated to conditions not seen in awhile for a race in Nebraska.  The overnight snow storm dropped half a foot of snow, with more coming down during the race.  Relatively calm wind, overcast, and decent temps actually made for decent racing weather to offset the interesting course conditions.

LRCN member Ivan Marsh was the course designer and he did an awesome job.  Miles of pink flagging helped you find your way, even if you didn’t know what each footstep held for you.  Would it be a nice landing?  Maybe you would go knee deep in a drift.  It’s possible there was a hidden tractor rut or branch or slick spot.  Who knows?  With 5k and 10k offerings a little something for everyone who wants a different challenge this time of year.  Add in a custom Buff, solid lunch from Lazlo’s, and some beers featuring the Luther Lager made especially for this race and you have a great mid season event.

Matt Seiler won the 5k, while in the 10k, Matt Cornell (2nd OA, 1st AG), Todd Nott (6th OA, 1st AG) Jason Schmaderer (4th OA, 1st AG), Ryan Regnier (rough day), and Brian Wandzilak (1st OA) came away with some great stories of running through snow covered canopies, across fields over looking the Platte, and cheering on fellow competitors, including Katherine Sheridan in the women’s 10k (1st OA). Oh, and winners get beer.  Which is nice.

Start/Finish area in Camp Carol Joy Holling

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