Buffalo Run 2019

Mary Noel to her second win three years

An atypically cloudy morning greeted runners today at Pioneers Park.  It was however a typical high humidity race.  Lots of sweat dripping down coming through the hardest mile in Lincoln road racing.  Competitors of all sorts showed up in great numbers for Lincoln's oldest road race. This challenging course serves as the opening test piece after summer miles and leading into the fall racing season.

Johnny Rutford to the overall win and the first all time top 10 performance in 20 years

LRC Nebraska was all over the front of the race.  On the men's 8 of the top 11 were in the red and blue, including overall (Johnny Rutford) and Master's champs (Ryan Regnier).  For the women it looked 4 of top 6 rocked it, again overall (Mary Noel) and Master's (Michelle Schmidt).  A whole mess of others were in the age group top 3's earning a newly styled, and highly coveted, Buffalo Run Award Winner shirt.


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