Buffalo Run

Great morning at Pioneers Park

The Buffalo Run course is one of the most unforgiving road course in the state. Fast opening miles lead into the toughest mile and a half to finish a race around.  But it is also a classic.  One of the longest continuously going races in the region, the Buffalo is a great fall test piece heading into marathon, or shorter, racing season.

The LRC Racing squad came away with three of the four titles.  Women's, Men's, and Men's Masters.  With the winning men's and women's times under 26 and 30, the course was set up with great weather (not always the case at Buffalo).  Team members were all over the top 10 for each gender and the logo was seen throughout the top half of results.

Many runners came close to their five year average, led by Andrew Jacob and Craig Christians.  Others were in the neighborhood, but couldn't quite reach this lofty goal.

Up next is Woody Greeno for the dirt and grass minded members of the team.


Katie Fitzsimmons, 29:50, 1st OA/2nd Top 10 Charts

Ashlyn Glann 31:58, 2nd OA/10th Top 10 Charts

Bridget Easely, 32:05, 3rd OA

Jessa Sughroue, 31:58, 4th OA

Sarah Fowler, 32:40, 6th OA/1st AG

Michelle Schmidt, 34:19, 10th OA/1st AG

Amy McCracken, 34:58, 3rd AG

Tonya Beach, 35:01

Kelly Messbarger, 35:10, 1st AG

Ann Bauermeister, 37:18, 1st AG


Nolan Zimmer, 25:50, 1st OA/3rd Top 10 Charts

Andrew Jacob, 27:36, 3rd OA

Jay Oligmueller, 28:13, 6th OA/1st AG

Brian Wandzilak, 28:51, 7th OA/2nd AG

Kyle Clouston, 28:57, 8th OA/2nd AG

Tim Larsen, 30:16 1st Master

Jason Schmaderer, 30:27, 1st AG

Ryan Regnier, 31:11, 2nd AG

Craig Christians, 32:48, 1st AG

Kevin Burke, 34:53, 1st AG

Brian Kelley, 36:01, 3rd AG

Top 4, plus Masters' winners bring home a coveted Buffalo Trophy

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