Brrrr, Record Temps at Tabitha Run


With temps in the mid to low teens at the gun, this might have been one of the coldest races in Nebraska in a long time.  At least the wind was down.

A handful of LRC-Racing teammates lined up as a stand alone race or maybe a tune-up for Lincoln Half or Full Marathons in a month.  Regardless, LRC was all over the front of the race.  Men's, Women's, and Men's Masters all saw overall winners.

Not racing today, I can only testify to conditions from my training run.  Haven't heard much from the participants so other than being colder than usual, wasn't too bad on the course.  In what can be a fast 10k, some solid racing was done in the middle of peak training.

With a few random events in between, look for the next post to be a recap of Lincoln!

Sara Fowler  39:37  1st OA/1st AG

Anna Dilley  40:33  2nd OA/2nd AG

Nolan Zimmer  31:57  1st OA/1st AG

Johnny Rutford  32:05  2nd OA/2nd AG

Cole Marolf 35:18 5th OA/4th AG

Zach Brown  35:18  6th OA/5th AG

Neil Wolford 36:54  7th OA/2nd AG

Connor Bohlken  37:22  9th OA/6th AG

Tim Larsen  37:52  11th OA/1st AG (1st master)

Jason Schmaderer 38:40  13th OA/2nd AG

Brian Kelley 39:41  14th OA/1st AG

Brett Daugherty 42:45  25th OA/3rd AG

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.51.56 AM

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