Announcing New Sponsor of LRC Racing Team


I am not sure we ever give enough external praise to our sponsors. First and foremost, we are extremely grateful for Ann Ringlein and the Lincoln Running Company, the sponsor for which our team is named — Lincoln Running Co. (LRC) Racing. It was Ann in the Summer of 2010 who really encouraged us in getting the idea of a competitive running team off the ground, even before we discussed a potential sponsorship with her! Each and every runner on the team appreciates all the help she continues to offer throughout the years. Secondly, we would like to thank Matt and Staci Bornschlegl at Proformance Physical Therapy for a willingness to support a local racing team. Proformance Physical Therapy was added as a sponsor in late 2010 as we researched different benefits that could be added to the team.

I am happy to announce that an additional sponsor has been added to the LRC Racing team. The Lincoln Marathon started in 1977 with only 375 entrants, however, in 2012, the race accepted 10,000 runners to compete in the half and full marathon. The race always attracts runners from all over the nation and has become a local tradition on the first Sunday in May. LRC Racing is very excited about the possibilities that a partnership with the Lincoln Marathon holds and are very thankful for their spirit of
giving and community development. To find out more about the Lincoln Marathon, visit their website at

Also at this time, the LRC Racing Board of Directors has decided to move forward in formally organizing the team as a non-profit corporation. This will allow future stability for the team and is incredibly important is legitimizing the team on a local, regional and national level. Thanks again to the Ann Ringlein and the Lincoln Running Company, Proformance Physical Therapy and the Lincoln Marathon, as well as all the other LRC Racing supporters within and without the eastern Nebraska community!

Logan Watley
LRC Racing President

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