2020 in the Eyes of Kyle Clouston

  • What words come to mind when you think of the year 2020? Starting over
  •  What have been your greatest successes this year? In general, stripping away all the bullshit to focus on the important stuff.
  •  What have been your biggest challenges this year? Having a dog die
  •  During a year where racing has taken a back seat, talk about what running has looked like for you over the last several months. Long, slow and hard 😊 
  • Have you been doing primarily solo running or have you been able to meet up with people? Solo
  • What are some things about running that 2020 has made you appreciate more? The opportunity to get away from an hour or two a day where nobody is asking me for anything.
  • This year has required many of us to be home, instead of out and about doing normal things.  How have you spent some of that extra time? Mainly running. It’s been nice from a weight perspective not being able to go out and drink as much.
  • In an era where there is a lot of information moving quickly at all times, how do you stay grounded in your beliefs? From a running perspective, keeping my runs private on Strava and not looking through others runs very often. Not sure if you are an Ace Ventura fan but there is that scene where Ace is looking over at the urinal to try and read the guy’s ring but then gets punched in the face for it. That’s what happens to be me running-wise when I look at other people’s runs too often.  Outside of running, unfollowing people on Facebook (from both sides of the aisle) that do nothing but argue in the comments of news articles.
  • Who have you relied on the most this year for inspiration? My wife
  • What is your biggest hope for 2021? Running wise, top 10 at Rocky Raccoon 100 in early February. Personal wise, being more engaged and connected to people that matter in my life.

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