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2020 in the Eyes of Emily Langdon

  •  What words come to mind when you think of the year 2020? Unexpected; novel; crazy; creative
  •  What have been your greatest successes this year?
    • I’ve used the extra time available working from home to cross-train and get in more miles.
    • I’ve taken advantage of the “new normal” and am determined to set new goals for 2021 and future years.
  •  What have been your biggest challenges this year?
    • It’s been hard not having as many in-person races to train for and facing uncertainty when trying to plan a race calendar for the year.
    • It was REALLY hard to work and train full-time while also trying to be a full-time teacher! I’m very thankful our kids have been back in school since August!
  •  During a year where racing has taken a back seat, talk about what running has looked like for you over the last several months.
    • Fortunately, there were quite a few fall races we were able to attend (i.e., Bohemian Alps 50k and Half marathon, Heartland Marathon, Beer and Bagel Half marathon, and 4 miler).
    • Before that, I made up my own races. I raced a virtual 50k in March – paced by Todd Nott for a PR of 4:42! I ran my own birthday run of 37 miles for 37 years, and I ran 2 solo marathons, including one on Halloween.
  • Have you been doing primarily solo running or have you been able to meet up with people?
    • Lots and lots of solo running (and a few miles with speedster Tim Langdon)! 😉
  • What are some things about running that 2020 has made you appreciate more?
    • I appreciate that you can run virtually anywhere as long as you have some running shoes. Running isn’t just about racing, but about setting new goals and challenges for yourself. It has always been my motto to “run my own race”, which has been especially true this year.
  • This year has required many of us to be home, instead of out and about doing normal things.  How have you spent some of that extra time?
    • As mentioned before, working from home so much has both allowed and pushed me to get in two daily workouts. I have always run in the morning, but having SO much time at home has caused me to schedule or get in another “mini” workout mid-day so I don’t burn out on work. Walking/running and now cycling has been great for additional training.
  • Who have you relied on the most this year for inspiration?
    • Fellow runners, athletes, and family and friends who stay positive and don’t let COVID get them down.
    • At the end of the day, who cares if we have to stay home and socialize less this year, as long as we stay healthy and safe? A vaccine is coming!
  • What is your biggest hope for 2021?
    • My hope is that a COVID vaccine becomes readily available and that more in-person events and races become safe. I hope that this pandemic teaches people to be more socially aware, cognizant of health issues, and willing to distance when it makes sense!

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