2018 Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon


Race day dawned with the constant optimism that every race day brings.  No rain, check.  Low wind, check.  Cloud cover, nope.  Cool temps, not really.  But that is how we roll in Lincoln.  Almost 10,000 people lined up on 14th street in the north section of UNL' campus to see off on a tour of the city.  Lots of blue in the front corral prior to the gun going off.

Once again, LRC Racing was loaded on the awards results (don't think I will ever get tired of typing that).  Even those that didn't finish top 10 or age group competed really well.  The team had a strong presence in the half marathon with a few awesome/crazy guys continuing out around Holmes Lake in the full marathon.

Like any race the range of emotions and race performances ran the gamut from PRs to disappointed.  But that is one of the things that keeps us coming back to the start line each time.  The possibility of having "that" day.

In what has become one of our biggest races the Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon is where we show our city our talents.


PC:  Journal Star
PC: Journal Star


Andrew Jacob  2:39:42  7th OA/4th AG

Kyle Clouston  2:43:52  9th OA/5th AG

Jason Schmaderer (marathon debut) 3:00:42 33rd OA/1st AG

Troy Krause 3:23:43 5th AG

Brett Daugherty 3:25:35 6th AG

Ann Bauermeister 4:04:52 8th AG

Eric Noel (LRC ALUMNI) 2:31:32  2nd OA/1st AG



Katie Wetzstein  1:17:20  2nd OA/1st AG

Hayley Sutter 1:20:17  3rd OA/1st AG

Mary Hillis 1:21:14  4th OA/2nd AG

Jessa Sughroue 1:27:06  7th OA/2nd AG

Sarah Fowler  1:29:22  13th OA/ 4th AG

Michelle Schmidt 1:31:47 3rd AG

Amy McCracken 1:33:11 4th AG

Tonya Beach 1:33:35 5th AG

Cassandra Krings 1:33:59 8th AG

Kelly Messbarger 1:37:55

PC: Journal Star
PC: Journal Star

Nolan Border  1:08:29  3rd OA/2nd AG

Johnny Rutford  1:08:38  4th OA/3rd AG

Nolan Zimmer 1:10:58  9th OA/1st AG

Ryan Dostal  1:12:05  11th OA/5th AG

Mike Rathje  1:13:57  13th OA/7th AG

Cole Marolf  1:14:57  15th OA/8th AG

Zach Brown  1:15:09  9th AG

Kelly Havlerson 1:15:26 1st AG

Tom Nichols  1:16:19  1st AG

Jay Oligmueller  1:17:10  2nd AG

Tim Meyer 1:18:28 4th AG (full attempt)

Parker Schoen  1:20:17 12th AG

Ryan Hruska 1:20:43 8th AG

Connor Bohlken 1:20:47  5th AG

Logan Watley  1:21:29  10th AG

Brian Wandzilak 1:21:29 5th AG

Charles Smith 1:22:02  2nd AG

Tim Larsen  1:22:10  1st AG

Neil Wolford  1:24:20  15th AG

Tom Woods 1:26:54  4th AG

Jeff Hansen 1:35:14 9th AG

Kerry McDermott 1:43:24 4th AG

Kevin Burke 2:19:58 (full attempt)


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