2016 Leprechaun Chase


It was that time year again.  The time when people paint their faces green, hike up their green socks, and all the Lads go out and chase the Lasses at the annual Leprechaun Chase at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland. LRC Racing had a particularly good year, coming away with both the male and female overall winners, as well as the winner in the male masters division.  The lasses started 5 ½ minutes before the lads, and the chase was on.  The first person to cross the finish line was Michelle Paxton, who gapped the first male, Michael Rathje, by a mere 48 seconds, earning all the lasses a green beer at the post party.

On the women’s side, LRC had seven runners compete and five of them were in the top 7. Following Michelle, who broke the tape in 37:32.6, was Jessa Sughrone earning 2nd place in 39:40.9, Katie Klug in 5th (40:17.6), Maureen Larsen in 6th (40:21.8), and Michelle Schmidt in 7th (40:49.8). Amy McCracken (42:20.0) and Ann Bauermeister (45:28.3) came in 12th and 37th respectively to round out a dominant showing by the ladies.  

On the men’s side, LRC had ten runners and just like the women, five were in the top seven.  Micheal Rathje came through the finish in 32:50.0 to earn 1st place for the men.  Following was Neil Wolford in 2nd (32:55.3), Ryan Regnier in 5th (34:25.7), Ivan Marsh in 6th (1st in the master’s division, 34:36.1), Brian Wandzilak in 7th (35:22.7), Derek Sekora in 14th (37:57.9), Jason Schmader in 15th (38:00.5), Craig Christians in 19th (38:58.8), Austin Mckillip in 21st (39:13.0), and Brian Kelly in 25th (39:28.2).  The men’s depth was an impressive 40 percent of the top 25 male runners.

To summarize, cross country style, the women had a score of 21, which tied the men’s score of 21.  The tiebreaker went to the 6th runner, giving the women the W thanks to Amy McCracken’s 12th place finish.  Looks like the women won all around this year.  Thanks to all those who came out and supported LRC Racing.

Micheal Rathje 1, 32:50
Neil Wolford 2, 32:55.3
Ryan Regnier 5, 34:25.7
Ivan Marsh 6, 34:36.1, (1st master)
Brian Wandzilak 7, 35:22.7
Derek Sekora, 14, 37:57.9
Jason Schmader, 15, 38:00.5
Craig Christians, 19 38:58.8
Austin Mckillip, 21, 39:13.0
Brian Kelly, 25, 39:28.2

Michelle Paxton 1, 37:32.6
Jess Sughrone 2 39:40.9
Katie Klug 5 40:17.6
Maureen Larsen 6 40:21.8
Michelle Schmidt 7 40:49.8
Amy McCracken 12 42:20.0
Ann Bauermeister 37 45:28.3

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