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I started this post weeks ago, like in January.  With many, if not all, events being cancelled right now I don't have much advice for you.  But here are my thoughts anyways

I like racing. I love running. There. It's out there. I am not a natural born racer.

Don't get me wrong. I really do enjoy the energy of any start line, big or small. The potential out there. The goals set. The dreams. The community. Man, it is awesome. You can't explain it to those who have not experienced the nerves of taking the risk of starting a race that you've trained for.

So what if racing were taken away from you? Not in an injured way. That happens for all kinds of reasons. Overuse, trip on a kid's toy, getting old. no, you can still run, just no racing. How would you respond? Racing may or may not be a big part of why you put in the work you do. I don't mean finishing a race, which is a noble end to itself. I am talking about an event that you formally work towards. You are chasing a time. A place. Competing against others, or a past self. I know it's a fine line, but many of you get what I am laying down.

Would you keep running or find a different competitive outlet? The answer to this question might depend on what stage of life you are in. But a racer is a racer, that doesn't go away. I think it is possible to find meaning in running without racing. Most assuredly it is a less objective pursuit. There are numerous ways to challenge yourself. Streak goals, laps around your block in a given time period, find an FKT nearby or create one yourself, Strava segments, whatever. These options still smack of competition. Which is fine.

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Our team is all about racing when it comes down to it.  Yes, there is a social element and being part of a community.  The inspiration, the origin story was to keep racing with friends.  Could you run with that presence? That pressure? That number? Like many things in this world there is not a correct answer, or a wrong one. What is your answer though?

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